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Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world. The core purpose of the organization is to connect resources and talents from one city to another and thus build a global network of emerging cities facilitating each other with resources for mutual growth. The foundation visions a resilient, sustainable and regenerative urban economy, with the missions of fostering partnership among the young leaders in the public and private sector and thus solve some of the most pressing issues of the cities and make cities livable.

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City Partner

City Partner(CP) of Good City Foundation serves as a local focal point of contact for listening better to the local needs in the cities. We design and develop together with the City Partners as a common agenda to deliver various forms of resources and programs, including Public Private Partnership by Youth(PPP by Youth), and establishing development project pipelines.

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Emerging Future Cities Network

Established in 2018 with the 12 founding members from the government; startup ecosystem and corporates, Emerging Future Cities Network serves as a vehicle of pipelines to exchange development projects, technologies and policy information across emerging cities in Asia and Africa.

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Program and Knowledge Sharing

Good City Foundation organizes Annual Meet "Future City Summit" in Hong Kong to curate the latest mega-trends of the world and progress human knowledge and technology transfer possibilities, welcoming top-notch thought leaders such as City Government Awardees of Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, entrepreneurs of Forbes 30 Under 30, The Queen's Young Leaders and Schwarzman and Obama Scholars.

One of the key pillars of the foundation is organizing development programs and knowledge sharing sessions. As a part of that the foundation hosts the signature development program PPP by Youth, Annual Meetup (FCS2016,2017,2018,2019 etc), GCF Roadshows in different cities (Jakarta, Dhaka, Melbourne, Delhi, Kathmandu etc). The purpose is to expand the network of the foundation to different cities, learn about the market, map out emerging leaders, find potential projects and understand the local necessity. Based on that the foundation can deploy resources.

Capacity building and advisory

After the projects are taken onboard, Good City Foundation facilitates the startups and entrepreneurs with capacity building facilities, advisory support, expanding in new markets, getting network support and much more.

Good City Foundation recently organized a 2 weeks long capacity building trip for one of the portfolios in Bali. A team of Architects from Harvard GSD joined GCF in Bali to stay there and work on capacity building and advisory support for a bamboo housing based eco village.

Another recent example is after taking onboard the Urban Data Lab in Bandung, the Foundation has taken steps to connect it's world class advisors from Smart City experts to Public Private Partnership experts from different parts of the world to facilitate the local government and the establishment of Urban Data Lab through advisory support.


As a Private Sector Committee of ASEAN Smart Cities Network(ASCN) and Institutional Partner of G20 Global Smart Cities Network on Technology Governance(GSCA), Good City Foundation visions a just and strategic benchmarking and urban governance that strives for healthy urban transformation financing.

Good City Foundation partners with digital twin technology venture in Singapore, Urbanetic Pte. Ltd. to help local city government build master plan digital twin on fabric to achieve optimisation of urban and land planning, exploring development opportunities and optimise sustainable ESG-linked development financing.

Impact Investment and Venture Building

Upon necessity, Good City Foundation connects projects and startups to internal and external impact investment funds. Through family offices and other resources, the foundation has developed impact investment funds in multiple cities to facilitate the startups.

Through an in-house venture platform, the Good City Foundation facilitates the projects and startups to get access to finance, structure funds, and much more.

Brains Behind The Cities

Good City Foundation is a regional family of resources, knowledge, innovations and shared visions, a network of networks with dedicated commitments of resilience development. We believe that there is an alternative normal that the emerging cities shall be more relevant to global development and future city development. The team is dedicated to full up-stream and down-stream stakeholders’ capacity building; strategic planning; digitalisation of instrasture and unleashing development financing potential upon comprehensive de-risking at ESG compliance.

Good City Foundation is currently Institutional Partner of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) on Technology Governance, secretariat by the World Economic Forum for nominating promising and open city government for engaging to the Alliance for urban transformation.

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

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