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"You can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."
Steve Jobs


October 17, 2022

WEF and UN-Habitat Join Forces to Unlock Critical Investment in Cities through Public-Private Collaboration

October 14, 2022

Heritage Braga Bandung Jadi Pusat Urban Data Lab

12 May 2022, Bandung City Government of Indonesia

Asking The Right Questions To Serve Real Needs - Alumni Stories of Andre Kwok

22 Mar 2022, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

ASIA: Good City Foundation and The World Economic Forum Establishes Collaboration for Global Urban Transformation

02 Mar 2022, Bizkhmer

中央广播电视总台粤港澳大湾区之声 「创客空间」世界经济论坛杰出青年:香港青年谢佩琦瞄准大湾区发展机遇

中央广播电视总台粤港澳大湾区之声 「创客空间」发挥非盈利组织力量 推动大湾区青年社会创新合作

Future City Summit Annual Conference 2021


Wishnutama: Ekonomi Digital dan Teknologi 5G Berperan Penting di 2030

24 Mei 2021, Kumparan

Wishnutama: Gelombang Kedua Disrupsi Digital Ancam Kedaulatan, Indonesia Harus Siap-Siap

24 Mei 2021,

ClimateX 第14期 疫后城市创新与可持续未来”, 碳中宝

September 2020, ClimateX

កិច្ចប្រជុំកំពូល Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 ស្ដីពីការស្តារឡើងវិញក្រោយការរាតត្បាតនៃជំងីកូវីត១៩ និងការបង្កើនសមត្ថភាពផ្នែកសេដ្ឋកិច្ច - សង្គមលើការអភិវឌ្ឍក្នុងចំណោមប្រទេសកំពុងរីកចម្រើននៅអាស៊ីនិងអាហ្វ្រិក​

September 2020, BizKhmer.

កិច្ចប្រជុំកំពូលទីក្រុងអនាគតប្រចាំឆ្នាំ២០២០ “Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020” នឹងរៀបចំនាពេលឆាប់ៗខាងមុខនេះ

September 2020, Khmerload.

កិច្ចប្រជុំកំពូលទីក្រុងអនាគតឆ្នាំនេះ នឹងធ្វើឡើងប្លែកខុសពីរាល់ដង

September 2020, Sabay News.

Upcoming Events: Future City Summit Annual Meet 2020 (Hong Kong Session)

September 2020, Startmeup, InvestHK.

萤行者|发掘“一带一路”潜力,建造青年的未来城市" 青年光谱, 萤火SHIMMER

August 2020, SHIMMER, the Mainland China UN SDG Accelerator and Youth Development Hub.

BOB Dorong Pengemasan Wisata Semakin Baik.

January 2020,

Wakil Walikota Yogyakarta, Jadi Keynote Speaker di Ajang Future City Summit.

January 2020, Portal Berita Pemerintah Kota Yogyakarta.

Future City Summit akan Bentuk Urban Data Lab Kota Bandung.

January 2020, Bisnis Indonesia.

Future City Summit Akan Bentuk Urban Data Lab Kota Bandung.

January 2020, Ayo Bandung

Future City Summit : "We Humans Are Capable of Greatness"

Sep 21, 2020

Carpe Diem: Future City Summit Annual Meet 2019

Dec 31, 2019

Carpe Diem: Public Private Partnership by Youth Bangkok 2019

Sep 20, 2019

Carpe Diem: YY Future Cities Lab 2019

May 9, 2019

Good City Foundation is currently Institutional Partner of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) on Technology Governance, secretariat by the World Economic Forum for nominating promising and open city government for engaging to the Alliance for urban transformation.

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

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