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If 2020 were the beginning of 21st century for deep technology, we had it 20 years late. The global pandemic has made us uncomfortable for many changes: massive urban migrations but also a large urge for digital transformation and new urban governance. In 2021, let's have a stronger movement of technology, policy and humanity. Rainmaking Series echoes the StartmeupHK Festival in May 2020 for engaging deeply 10 countries for exploring their strategies and co-create a common renaissance movement.


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Rainmaking Series follows the StartmeupHK Festival 2021 to host virtually 10 strategic locations in emerging Asia and Africa during 24th - 28th May 2021. Each session of the respective countries in the Rainmaking Series would be hosted with a local strategic partner to explore their largest policy innovation and wicked technology development agenda that echo Sustainable Development Goals and the Great Reset, such as Climate Resilience, Carbon Zero in Future Housing, Future Skills, Preparation for the Next Pandemic Uncertainty and Digital Economic Stability. Representatives of the World Economic Forum, InvestHK and other influential thought leadership agencies would be invited to sit in the panel discussion and explore the role where technology, policy, Hong Kong and Greater Bay can play and support.


For The Love of Our Sustainable Habitat By 2030

Taking the advantage of Good City Foundation basing in Hong Kong with the bases in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines and Tanzania, the following Event Planning is constructed first with The Great Reset Dialogue with high-level speakers from the World Economic Forum and former UN top official in the Opening of the StartmeupHK Festival 2021 on 24th May. A hybrid (partially physical complying to the health regulations of the Ministry of Health in Singapore) Networking Dinner / Drink Event would be hosted on 21st May evening to receive exclusive 50 guests from Singapore, (SG based) Hong Kong and global expats in Singapore to network and form effective dialogue.

Rainmaking Series and Tech For Good Cities Roadshow is a set of virtual global top-notch thought leadership dialogue and technology roadshows that pipeline the potential companies to softland and set regional offices in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay. Echoing the mission to shape Hong Kong as the Global Marketplace for Smart Cities Technologies, urban technologies roadshows with 3 Key Strategic Industries would be conducted in each Rainmaking session.


Key Industry 1


PropTech, ConstructionTech, Digital Twinning, ClimateTech

Key Industry 2


FinTech, RegTech, Blockchain on Financialization

Key Industry 3


Bio-medicine, Telemedicine, Gerontechnology


Keynote And Panels

Local national co-host is invited to collaborate for hosting keynote speaking and panel discussion with the national thought leaders and key stakeholders for speaking on their future national development and positioning.

Tech For Good Cities Roadshow

Rainmaking Series will run our Tech For Good Cities Roadshow to engage well-established urban technologies companies and startups to demonstrate their technologies to potential regional corporates and venture capitalists and angel investors in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area.

Roundtable Meetings

Private roundtable meetings would be conducted with the key stakeholders in local countries, Hong Kong and Mainland China (Greater Bay Area) for engaging the Global Smart Cities Technologies Hub establishment with the IoT and Urban Transformation Platform (Asia Action Group).

Rainmaking Series will be hosted across more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and North America. Click the pin on the map of the country that you would like to join (online) and you will be shown the session details below the map.

It is Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and the local country along Belt and Road Initiative but we all achieve it well together with the local communities in bottom-up approach. Local stakeholders are the key voices and demand side to explore their national development plans and key initiatives in ESG, Sustainable Development Goals, Smart Cities and Carbon Neutrality.
We are together to create long-term growth.

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25 May 2021
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Tech For Good Cities is an urban impact technologies pipeline initiated by the Good City Foundation and a consortium of regional technology pipelines and investment partners in Asia and Africa



StartmeupHK is an initiative by InvestHK aimed at helping founders of innovative and scalable startups from overseas to set up or expand in Hong Kong. Our services include providing information about the startup ecosystem here in Hong Kong, connecting people to the startup community, hosting startup events and helping to foster a positive environment for startups to thrive.

Good City Foundation is currently Institutional Partner of the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA) on Technology Governance, secretariat by the World Economic Forum for nominating promising and open city government for engaging to the Alliance for urban transformation.

Good City Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit multilateral development organization focused on the facilitation and growth of local government projects, startups, businesses and other potential projects in different emerging cities of the world.

Private Sector Committee (Advisory Council) of ASEAN Smart Cities Network, endorsed by Ministry of Construction, Vietnam

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